new acro photo copyAcroYoga is a unique practice that blends the spiritual wisdom of yoga, the loving kindness of Thai massage, and the dynamic power of Acrobatics.

The word AcroYoga comes from the greek root akros = high and the Sanskrit word Yoga = union. Together they form AcroYoga – High Union. From this place, many amazing physical shapes can be formed and students literally and figuratively elevate each other.

Dedicating to evolution is what we do every day as conscious yoga practitioners. Revolution is a much faster path. This is the path that starts in the mind. Once a belief is born in the mind that something is possible, the road to realization is short, easy and paved. It comes from the ability to believe in the potential you have not yet realized.

There are many elements that contribute or detract from the fluidity of partner work. Communication is the vehicle that brings partners to a place of common understanding. Words, facial expressions, touch, breath and even thoughts are all ways to communicate. When honest communication is being exchanged the connection deepens and this foundation is where all partner work grows from.

These (5) days will be filled with deep exploration into the self and how we show up to support and create community. It is open to all levels of practitioners and you can come alone or with a friend.

At the end of the Intensive, you will have a broad knowledge of AcroYoga and the tools needed to apply its principles in every day life.


Stay tuned for upcoming details on the course curriculum.

Course Facilitator: Anthony Alcalde



For further details about tuition and accommodation, please contact us at workshops at inanitah.com.
For information about staying here during the workshop, please refer to the Living section of the website.