Feb 20-22, 2018

Allowing the beat of your heart to dance with the beat of life

During this 3 day training you will (re)connect to yourself. Your body, being, aliveness, awareness and beating heart. By connecting to both yourself and the people in the group you will explore your depths of inner treasure and being. Are we able to fully feel ourselves and bring that in authentic connection? Are we able to face our deepest longings, desires, fears and patterns? Are we able to learn and work with them and each other? Can we set our boundaries while also being able to own our attraction for life? How is it to fully embrace and embody yourself and your aliveness?

Life is rich! Rich in colour, taste, smell and sound. Rich in experience, movement, joy and exploration. Both masculine and feminine qualities are moving within us, wanting to be felt, seen, supported and loved. Let’s celebrate life, together!

Within these 3 days we will go on a journey together. We will awaken our senses and bring our aliveness to each other and ourselves. We will do this through the following practices:

• Authentic relating & Circling

• Movement, yoga & Dance

• Voice & Sound healing

• Tantra & Intimacy work

• Artist time, time for your creativity.

See and be seen.

Hear and be heard.

Feel and be felt.

Hold and be held.

Move and be moved.

Love and be Loved.

** During these three days it’s good to wear comfortable clothes in which you can move easily. It’s also recommended to bring yourself pen and paper or a notebook as we will be writing.


Curious to read about Tess? Go visit: www.tessvanderputten.com