Birth Into Being

‘Birth Into Being’ is a multi-sensory approach that engages both rational and non-rational parts of us through body-centered explorations. Breath work, movement, facilitated meditations, magical theatre and experimental processes that benefit of the loving and focused energy of the group field, propel us forward into a new territory in our lives.

In this workshop, we re-code the ‘limbic imprint’- the unconscious imprint – which was formed in the time between conception and the third year of your life. The emotional imprint from which your nervous system answers to life. You act and react in life according to the experience of love and presence during this periode, even if the acting out of this imprint is neither nourishing nor fulfilling. On the contrary, you often repeat the pain of your childhood and your trained behavior patterns prevent you to live your life in a fulfilling way.

You get the opportunity to rewrite your story independently from the imprint of your family or culture. You connect yourself with your free will and consciously create with joy and lightness YOUR story, the one which nourishes and fulfills you.

You also (re)connect with your inner ‘Elder’ (the wisest part in you) by bringing the three parts of your brain which are responsible for your mental, emotional and physiological functions into a harmonious resonance, so that you can live and act with him/her as a constant companion.

We dive deeply into the ‘underworld’ to break through that which is holding you back in life and we bring into your life, what you want to expand.

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About the Course Facilitator

Romana started traveling in 2014, where she spent a couple of months working with a shaman in the Ecuadorian jungle. After that experience, she couldn’t go back to her normal, comfortable life as a teacher – and has ever since been looking for and experimenting with other ways of living, in both Europe and Latin America, with a special interest in communities.

Wherever she passes through on her journey, she has a talent to sense what is needed intuitively, and create a field of exploration, where people can experience, find and fulfill what they are looking for.

Romana is a source of inspiration and a force of nature. She loves people, embodies the qualities of the Earthmother energy and creates safe spaces to feel at home and at ease.

Her background reaches from teaching teenagers, Dance- and Express Therapy, Yoga to Coaching, Hawaiian shamanic massage (Lomi Lomi Nui) and works now mostly as a committed ‘Circling‘ and ‘Authentic Relating‘ facilitator.

A while ago she discovered ‘Birth Into Being‘ and for the first time really felt that she is the master and creator of her life. She instantly knew she had to become a facilitator and share that experience.

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