April 10 - 12, 2018

Circling & Authentic Relating

Are you longing for deeper connections in all your relations?
Are you looking for more depth and intimacy with the people you love?
Are you sick of falling in the same old patterns again and again, especially in moments where you feel challenged?

Circling and Authentic Relating are powerfull practices that give you the tools to create a deep, connected, intimate and vivid connection with yourself and from there with others.

This workshop invites you to be yourself with all your facets, whether known or unknown. You get to know yourself better, discover and explore in a safe space how it is to commit to connection even in moments you normaly like to run away, shut down or hide yourself. Experience what unfolds if you accept and show yourself fully, and how healing it is to be seen and received.

After this workshop you will be able to bring a noticeable difference into all your relations. By showing your vulnerability and staying open, more depth and liveliness can arise in every moment of your life.

Let yourself be supported on your path by exploring with the group and be the support others need.

See and be seen.
Hear and be heard.
Feel and be felt.
Hold and be helt.
Move and be moved.
Love and be loved.

I’ll meet you there

About the Course Facilitator

Romana started traveling in 2014, where she spent a couple of months working with a shaman in the Ecuadorian jungle. After that experience, there was no way of going back to her normal, comfortable life as a teacher. Ever since she has been looking for and experimenting with alternative ways of living, in both Europe and Latin America, with a special interest in communities.

Wherever she passes through on her journey, she has a talent to sense what is needed intuitively, and create a field of exploration, where people can experience, find and fulfill what they are looking for.

Romana is a source of inspiration and a force of nature. She loves people, embodies the qualities of the Earthmother energy and creates safe spaces to feel at home and at ease.

Her background reaches from teaching teenagers, Dance- and Express Therapy, Yoga to Coaching, Hawaiian shamanic massage (Lomi Lomi Nui) and works now mostly as a committed ‘Circling‘ and ‘Authentic Relating‘ facilitator.
A while ago she discovered ‘Birth Into Being‘ and for the first time really felt that she is the master and creator of her life. From then on she integrated this knowledge and the tools of Birth Into Being into her work.

Register for the Workshop

For further details about tuition, please contact us at workshops@inanitah.com A $75 deposit holds your spot. For information about staying here during the workshop, please visit the Living section of the website.