April 16 - 19, 2018

Journey into the heArt Of Being

Together with Rafaela Furtado and Louis Van Hacht on Isla de Ometepe, Inanitah


– The pure essence of our being is Love –


There are many ways to connect with our pure essence and in this Journey into the heArt of Being we will share some ways to return to our center, to live from our heart , to feel the source of life in every single breath.


In this journey of 4 days we will explore our connection with nature through different arts. The first one is an active meditation of the 4 elements: Fire – Air – Earth – Water. We will connect with these elements to create more awareness about them and to balance and activate these elements inside of us. By connecting with the 4 elements, we will deepen the relationship with our inner self, with each other and with Mother Earth.


We will continue this journey with several breathing exercises, also known as Pranayamas. These exercises help with reconnecting with our core, letting go of tensions and stress and raising our vibration. The Pranayamas and the active meditation of the 4 elements are both deeply interconnected with our 7 main energy centers, also known as Chakras. We will take our time to explore these Chakras and feel how we can consciously activate them inside of us.


The next chapter in this journey will be all about Soundhealing. We will open our voices and play with different instruments (singing bowls, tuning forks, shrutibox, shamanic drum, rattles, hangdrum,…) to express ourselves through sound vibrations. We will learn how to connect with healing frequencies and how to receive and give soundhealing sessions, as well to ourselves as to others.


Each day we will explore the magical world of the medicinal herbs and dive deeper within Aromatherapy. We will sense different essential oils and learn how to create our own massage oils and perfumes. Afterwards we will give and receive the healing touch of each other in 4 massage sessions. We start the first day with a single handed massage and will end in the last day with a double handed massage.

During this journey there will also be space for movement and dance celebration. Going from slow and soft movements to ecstatic dance. This whole workshop is held within a safe space where everyone is allowed to be him/herself, to express and to evolve in his or her own way.

– In community with the whole, all our hearts are beating as one – 

– Each heart on its own unique rhythm – 


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