Learn how to build and play a Didgeridoo with Felix

In this 4-day workshop you will have the opportunity to not only play the didgeridoo but also to learn how to craft it!

First, we will meet the didgeridoo as a plant by selecting bamboo while it’s alive and learning when to cut it and how to cure it with fire. Learn how to carve, sand and seal it on your own. Then personalize your instrument by decorating and painting it by hand.

Continuing with the principles of playing the Didgeridoo, you will learn to make the basic “drone” sound and how to influence it by using your tongue, lips, cheeks and voice. Deepen your knowledge about these principles and explore the different sounds YOUR body can make, like bending the tone, imitating animal sounds and creating simple rhythms.

Then the focus shifts to circular breathing which enables you to play without stopping. The basics as well as advanced techniques are discussed (cheeks, jaw, epigladis / throat pressure, building up pressure with different parts of your body and taking these learnings into rhythm).

With the circular breath, feel how a whole new world of playing the Didgeridoo opens up, enabling you to dive into advanced techniques such as “the wobble” and experience “didgeridoo trance”.

After the 4 days you will understand the wide spectrum of possibilities that the didgeridoo holds in a musical as well as a spiritual way. Get inspired to find your own sound and way of playing. Connect to yourself, nature and the instrument experiencing the meditative effect that the didgeridoo brings with it.

You will go home with your personally built didgeridoo, advices for self practice, and a list of sources/ teachers to further learn from. Towards the end of the workshop we will create a collective rhythm and, inaugurating your instrument, perform the magic of the didgeridoo as a group. Bond with the world’s oldest wind instrument from the Aborigines in Australia and experience tribal connection.

About the Course Facilitator

Felix Larisika has been traveling and exploring the world for the past 3 years, especially Central America and Europe. In 2016, at Ometepe island he discovered his love for didgeridoos and ever since indulged in the practice, rapidly becoming a passionate player. While visiting various didgeridoo crafters/ makers in Israel, France and Portugal, he has collected knowledge on the craft of didgeridoo-making as well as deepening his playing technique and discovering his own style. He first facilitated a workshop space at a gathering in Serbia in 2017.

Currently, while living on InanItah, Felix is creating a sound healing/ journey project with two musicians (Rafaela Furtado and Louis van Hacht); exploring electronic aided didgeridoo playing; and working on his new live act “Auditive Alchemist”, including the didgeridoo as a live organic element in electronic music.

Register for the Workshop

For further details about tuition, please contact us at workshops [@] inanitah.com. A $75 deposit will hold your spot. 

For information about staying here during the workshop, please refer to the Living section of the website.