Upcoming Events

February 15 - August 15 2019

Water Season with Paul

Looking forward to a beautifully flowing Water Season at Inanitah with Paul Ometepe. Come join us at Inanitah on Ometepe Island in Nicaragua to learn, explore, heal, co-create and connect in a loving community surrounded by the beautiful nature of this tropical Paradise. There will be lots of Yoga and Acroyoga, Biodynamic Breathwork (www.biodynamicbreath.com), Connecting …

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March 11 - 15 2019

Vibrant Heart – Tantra Healing Retreat

March 11 – 15 2019 This 5 day Retreat is designed to lead you into vibrant heart expansion, radical authentic self expression, trust, compassion, forgiveness and deeper self love. We create a safe healing space to transform your wounds into radiant energy, to shine and to go beyond your own image and story. To discover, …

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March 26 - 28, 2018

Biodynamic Breathwork and Trauma Release Workshop with Paul

Join us in a deep exploration of healing through the breath using meditation, breath and touch to reconnect with your heart and aliveness. Increase your health and vitality through letting go of old traumas that are still held in your body tissues. Breathwork practices will work on a multi-layered structure. Physically cleansing and ridding the …

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August 15, 2109 - February 15, 2020

Fire Season with Gaia

The Fire Season at InanItah will return August 15, 2019! We’re not quite sure what kind of magic is in store for us yet. But for sure we’ll have The Tantric Way Series in December, and many more opportunities for transformation, education and healing for ourselves and this beautiful planet that sustains us. We’re  here …

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September 21, 2019

Equinox Peruvian Medicine Ceremony

Equinox Fire Ceremony!   More Info Coming Soon

December 1 - 21, 2019

The Tantric Way Series with Gaia Ma

The Tantric Way is a carefully designed and spontaneous process of awakening. You will transform your relationship with life by learning to cultivate intimacy with yourself, to deepen intimacy with your sexual partners, and to create intimacy among groups. Intimacy creates a container of trust in which you feel safe to strip off conditioned layers …

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