June 27 - 29, 2017

Holistic Reflexology Training

Would you like to learn a simple tool that can heal yourself and others?

Our feet connect us to the ground, giving support and balance so we can walk on this earth. The channels of energy that run through our body are all interconnected and the physical organs, mental capacities, emotional and spiritual bodies are also reflected in our feet. By pressing, massaging and using various techniques we can affect the energetic and physical state of the person.

Holistic Reflexology is an ancient therapeutic method that can be applied to many physical conditions from a sore throat to a backache or chronic heart condition. Through treatment, we work to balance and renew the energy flow on all levels so that healing may take place.

This powerful yet gentle and relaxing method can also be used to diagnose a person’s physical condition, personality characteristics and emotional state.

In this three-day workshop, you’ll learn how to give reflexology treatment to heal yourself and others. The workshop is also suitable for therapists who are interested in incorporating this effective healing tool into their current practice.

This program will offer:

  • The history of holistic reflexology
  • Meditation techniques
  • Identifying the organs and the body systems as they are represented in the feet
  • Various reflexology techniques
  • The stages of treatment and how to construct a full treatment
  • The physical and emotional conditions in which to treat a person
  • Practical experience: throughout the workshop you will give and receive treatment
  • Tools to help you diagnose a person’s condition through their feet – will be offered as an additional fourth day.

About the Course Facilitator

reflexology teacherYali is a certified Naturopathic (Natural Medicine) practitioner. Among her many tools, she finds herself using Holistic Reflexology as a main method to help people gain balance again. She has been treating people with Holistic Reflexology for the last 15 years and is now sharing her extensive knowledge and experience so that everyone has the ability to offer healing to others.