Volunteering at InanItah is a unique opportunity to share your talents and skills and participate in ongoing learning opportunities while serving the vision to co-create an evolutionary environment.

You’re welcome to join us as a visitor as a volunteer.  During your stay, you are invited and encouraged to participate in all regular ongoing activities, including regular communal meals,  yoga classes, meditations and celebrations. We also encourage you to consider participating in one of workshops to deepen your learning experience.

There are continuous opportunities to learn at InanItah, and we want you to feel free to jump in anytime to explore and to share your gifts. You are encouraged to take advantage of our ongoing activities and to enroll in one of our workshops.

The volunteer program at InanItah has three styles of involvement with varying degrees of commitment, responsibilities, and areas of focus. Read more on how to join us as a Explorer, Collaborator, or Space Holder. There will be periodic evaluations to review how we work, live, and play together. Please be aware there is a possibility for change in relationship between volunteers and InanItah.

In addition to volunteer responsibilities, all visitors and volunteers are asked to participate in communal contributions two times each week to sustain the everyday needs of the community, such as watering the garden and helping to prepare and clean-up after communal meals.

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* If you have volunteered with us before and are looking to come as a returning volunteer, we are generally more inclined to make space for you. Please help us out by contacting us early. We do fill up, especially during the dry season (November- May). *

**Be aware that we are hours away from the nearest ATM machine and we charge 8% on all Paypal transactions (except deposits), so please arrive with your contribution in cash.

Further Details

We invite you to read further details about the volunteer program, including arrival and length of stay, workshop scholarships, payment, accommodation and accountability.