Nov 24 - Nov 29, 2019

A Journey into Tantric Yoga

tantra yoga ometepe7 days exploration of yogic sheaths and a life that goes for it!

A 7 Day journey into a relatively unknown system called Tantric Yoga, where the focus is on your energetic body while in asana. Take this rare opportunity to cleansing your entire system from the bottom upwards, and explore the depths a both topics, yoga and tantra together. We will also use pranayama and concentrative and exploratory movement and connecting techniques to bring great awareness to each specific chakra, the associated element and explore how working intentionally with the chakras make everything function smoothly. Use this system to move from fear to absolute abundance!

3 hours practice in the morning, followed by 2 hours practice in the afternoon, along with an assignment and reflection on what is our research on the topics of surviving, thriving, trusting and living out our life purpose.

From the tantric perspective we experiment with all that life offers within the class and off the mat. The development of the 3 Bhandhas or locks in the internal system will assist with both health for the individual and pleasure/ communication principles between friends, lovers and fellow yogis and yoginis.

We will take an in depth look at why we hold and release these locks from a physical and energetical viewpoint. You may never see these muscles, but your body will surely feel and thank you for the benefits for years to come. You might feel into what is really happening in any given interaction, and know better how to act in the moment. You are invited to enjoy the exploration offered in this unique and playful retreat.

Course Facilitator: Satyama

Satyama has been teaching yoga for the past 17 years in the styles of hatha, vinyasa, Sivananda, yin and neo-tantric yoga. A certified therapist, she uses her extensive experience with the body to continually enable people to move and heal their bodies. She also associates deeply with the belly and the empowerment of the individual to help raise consciousness in communities worldwide. She has taught people from all over the world to be yoga teachers and about Tantra in Koh Phagnan, Thailand, Portugal and Turkey.

Satyama is an Osho sanyassin for the past 12 years, a serious and consistent practitioner of active meditation, vipassana, and Thai-Buddhist styles of meditation. She believes that meditation can heal the planet and is currently writing a book about Tantra and Yoga as two required but non-attached practices to achieve realization and liberation.


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