Waking Up!

We honor the beauty of simply being as well as the path of consciously becoming. Cultivating presence is the key to the path of being and becoming. The InanItah Field of Freedom and Aliveness, inspired by the Avalon Springs Field of Alliance and the Co-Creators Handbook, represents the quality of presence we choose to embody and hold at InanItah.

Health & Wellbeing

We are committed to conscious earth and body care, honoring the sacredness of the natural world and the body as a temple. We cultivate and eat organic fruits, vegetables and medicinal plants, use natural building techniques, practice yoga, tantra, and ecstatic meditations and share the gift of massage.

Many substances, including sugar, coffee, tobacco, alcohol and other substances alter our consciousness and potentially lead to addictive patterns. We choose to use potentially mind altering or addictive substances consciously and on a limited basis, and value maintaining healthy lifestyle patterns.

Community Living

Interdependent cooperative living is an essential part of creating a harmonious evolutionary culture. We are committed to cultivating healthy relationship skills through practicing mutual support, vulnerability, honesty, reflective listening, non-violent conflict resolution, consensus process and healthy boundaries.

Sex and Relationships

Relationships come in all shapes and sizes. We recognize sexuality as an integral aspect of human relationships and advocate it’s conscious expression while valuing individual boundaries. We honor the opportunity that relationships offer for self-reflection, growth and co-creation.

Voluntary Simplicity

We value and encourage voluntary simplicity. We recognize that in consciously choosing a more simple way of life we create a more harmonious existence with the earth and with each other.


We value the sharing of resources and engage in an economic and knowledge based cycle of giving and receiving within the local community.