A shared vision is not an idea…it is rather, a force in people’s hearts –Peter Senge

All over the world people are waking up. At InanItah we are responding to this rise in global consciousness that is calling out for a more practical spirituality. This spirituality brings consciousness to the internal human experience and grounds that awareness in the mirror of the physical world.

Our vision is to create a community environment integrating the internal human landscape with the external world. We desire to cultivate conscious personal and interpersonal relationships alongside conscious land development and food production. In order to realize the dream of an enlightened way of life, we desire to forge a deeper union between spirituality-based communities and ecology-based communities.

Research in linguistic anthropology shows us that the Nahuatl ancestors of this sacred land conceptualized the divine as a state of eternally becoming. Our vision for the future of InanItah is the ongoing development of a semi-nomadic and international community, hosting a space for healing and learning workshops surrounded by an abundance of homegrown organic food.

We will continue to create economic opportunity and exchange wisdom with our local Nicaraguan neighbors, becoming an anchor of light for reviving ancestral wisdom on this energetically powerful land.