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Thursday, February 18th, 2010

Celebration and Honoring Ourselves

Yesterday 5 of us hiked up Volcan Concepcion to celebrate Heron’s birthday. It was an immensely challenging hike- and we are still feeling the effects today! Our group has lost some members and gained others, keeping a consistent emphasis on working effectively and harmoniously as a community. Thanks to Prana, who has shared her knowledge and experience, we have been able to practice consensus decision making in our meetings as a method of exploring living together within a community. The most recent project that we completed was to build a medicine wheel on the land, as a place for ceremony and to embark on vision quests. Also still a work in progress is the clay waddle wall in Paul and Gaia’s casita. This wall is being used as a testing ground for different earthen plasters. The kitchen structure has almost all the beams for the roof up. Last Saturday we hosted a party for the local workers and neighbors to honor a year of their participation and Paul and Gaia’s presence on this land. It was a day of celebration with mask making, face painting, fire dancing and aerial performance, food and drink and our re-creation of the classic slip and slide which has been retitled here as “mojado y savaje”. Currently, we are gearing up for some tantric workshops to be led by Gaia and awaiting the birth of Kali Ma’s puppies.


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