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Monday, June 28th, 2010

A Classroom, Playground, Work of Art and Home

“I spent the past 2 weeks on InanItah, or Finca Paulo y Gaia. It was all at once a classroom, playground, work of art and home. It was perfect.

I couldn’t have imagined a more beautiful setting or more well-designed finca. The owners are very conscious about each step and the result so far is nothing less than magnificent. A few of the highlights:

1) The shower – A stone floor with 2 palm walls to the back and plants all around. The front opens to a view of Volcan Concepcion and both sides of the lake. The perfect spray of compost-heated water at just the right pressure. By far the best shower I have ever had. The compost toilet shares the same view but lacks a few of its comforts.

2) The vegetable garden – 4 rings of food for the belly and medicine for the soul. Local greens and herbs, carrots, cucumbers and radishes galore. Pineapple, aloe, peppermint and more.

3) The temple – The ultimate chill out place. Natural materials, high ceiling and hammocks. Yoga in the morning, siestas and books in the afternoon, music and hoola hooping at night. Good company, always.

We worked roughly 4 hours each morning. I mostly helped with the watering, planting, transplanting, and weeding. We made absolutely delicious chocolate starting with the roasting of the cacao beans and cheese after picking up the milk from the farmer up the hill. We were also able to pull off some pretty gourmet meals prepared over a wood fire.”


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