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Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

The Latest Buzz- The InanItah Eco-Village Design Gathering

We welcome onto our land a group of new community members– along with two hives full of bees! This is the second week of our annual Eco-Village Design Gathering, and we are learning (from each other and from the bees!) how to create a community that works together harmoniously.

This is a hands-on and participatory event, and we’re grateful to everyone who has enriched this gathering with diverse gifts. We are enjoying AcroYoga with Rafaela, didgeridoo lessons with Saharin, Tantra exercises with Gaia, singing class with Dannii, beekeeping with DiDi, and natural herbal tinctures and creams with Emerald. We’re also enjoying chocolate making, earthen plastering, OSHO dynamic meditation, and a group detox and cleansing over the weekend.

Last week we examined the Social component of the Gaia Education Eco-Village Design curriculum. We discussed and practiced methods of conscious communication and explored new visioning and decision-making processes inspired by our onsite EcoVillage expert, Ernesto Sun. In honor of the arrival of the bees, David Casey from sister community Project Nuevo Mundo in Guatemala facilitated a discussion about cultivating global community connections, and how we can create new economies by cross-pollinate ideas and skills throughout the global community.

Many of us will be heading to San Juan Del Sur this weekend for the Earthship Pitaya Festival, supporting a local environmental project while relaxing on the beach and enjoying live music. Next week we will be diving deeper into the Economic component of the curriculum. On Saturday, February 26th we will invite Nicaraguan friends and neighbors onto the land to share and celebrate the end of the second year of working on the land here at InanItah.

Stay tuned – more soon!


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