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Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

La Ciguena Water System Update

Recently Paul and a group of locals climbed up the volcano to our water source and found the perfect location for a new spring box. Water is coming out of a spring on the side of the volcano at 80 gallons/minute, which is 40 percent more water than is currently available from the system. Over the coming weeks we will be securing the spring box, which will dramatically improve both the cleanliness and security water for the entire La Ciguena cooperative. The water cooperative includes InanItah along with 23 Nicaragaun families and 100s of acres of agricultural farms.

Our current water comes from a creek below the spring. By moving the water tubes up to the actual water source, we will be securing crystal clear water for the entire community. It also enables us to move the tubes from the creek to a more secure route running through the jungle. This will provide much better water security during the rainy season, when strong water running through the creek often causes water outages. In the coming weeks we will be laying the new water tubing and making the new spring box.

Once we have completed the spring box and run the new lines through the jungle our funding will be depleted. The next step for the La Ciguena water project is to build a ferrocement water storage system, which will bring water security up to nearly 100% for the entire community.  The estimated cost for this improvement is $7000.  The previously available fund of $2500 and will be depleted after this years heavy rainy season maintenance needs and the current improvement plan. Your welcome to support our next steps by making a donation.

Thanks so much for all your support and donations to the La Ciguena water project!


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