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Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

Getting deep, down and dirty

Another deep transformational season of intense evolutionary living and learning experiences is beginning at InanItah.

We are preserving and strengthening InanItah traditions bringing back the innovative Tantric Way series and the well-loved Introduction to the Tantra of Permaculture course with Gaia. We’re excited to announce that Valerie Cherrin returns this year to facilitate for the Intercultural Massage Professional Massage Training Program. We also welcome the 3rd Annual Ecovillage Design Gathering, which highlights an expanded team of facilitators.

We’re exploring new ways of opening our bodies, minds and spirits through the healing poetry of motion with our first Community Silent Retreat. New retreats like Dreaming Ourselves Into Being: Yoga and Dreamwork Retreat, The Dance of Giving and Receiving, and the Healing Movement and Dance Retreat with Valerie Cherrin incorporate therapeutic movement, massage, yoga, dance and dreamwork, deepen self-awareness and enhance wellness in your life.

This year we’ll also be getting down on the dance floor at the Choktoberfest celebration and the New Year Circus & Chocolate Festival. Come enjoy free spirited magical nights embracing your inner child as we dance and melt together under the shining stars on this sacred volcanic island!

If you’d like to get a bit dirty playing in the mud, join us for the upcoming Natural Building Workshop or come have a more practical learning experience as a volunteer.  The InanItah volunteer program is a powerful learning experience that unites inner and outer journeys. The program is designed to create the space for your personal spiritual growth, while  you contribute your gifts and learn new skills to help our village grow. Volunteers are eligible for workshop scholarships, which allows you to deepen your InanItah experience while honoring your budget.


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