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    Monday, February 27th, 2012

    InanItah Animales

    We love living things at Inanitah. We love them so much there are some of them we don’t eat. Most of the time. Some, like the dogs, we’ve chosen to be here. Others, also like the dogs but the dogs that are strays and allowed via a seemingly arbitrary system by India, chief dog pack leader type she-wolf… “Just come to visit whenever you like”…..  EL Tigre the emaciated greyhound. Even if he you couldn’t use him as a xylophone you’d recognize him from half of his mouth being missing. And there’s Perrito. Gorgeous, cute, small and cuddly Perrito. I fell asleep in a hammock once. I slept there all night. Perrito slept with me. It was awesome.

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