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Friday, May 4th, 2012

A Season of High Vibrations

As the dynamic dry season winds down, we begin to reflect over the beauty that has unfolded over the last months at InanItah. It has been an epic period for our continuously evolving community. We have welcomed in more new friends than ever before. Deep gratitude to everyone who came to create the loving and spirit filled community vibe!

For the 3rd year in a row we held the InanItah Ecovillage Design Gathering; this year being the first time receiving official certification for the course. Inspired by the Gaia Education curriculum, an intensive month was spent exploring all aspects of holistic sustainable community living. As part of their embodied learning experience, EDE Participants co-created our Annual Gratitude Festival, where we invited our local Nicaraguan neighbors to celebrate our 3rd birthday with food, music, dance, ritual and games.

Gaia, once again, held space for the edgy Tantric Way series, using her loving and direct approach to facilitate meaningful transformational experiences. Paul stepped up to assist during Part 2: Lover & Beloved. We are looking forward to more Tantra workshop juiciness next season!

Valerie offered a month long massage training in March covering Swedish massage and combining some Thai, deep tissue, craniosacral, myofacial release and trigger point therapy techniques. The participants left the course with the foundations to begin their own massage practice along with a deep sense of personal embodiment.

With the return of Native American Church roadman and tradition holder, Donnie, in February, the community had the opportunity to sink into ritual, song and prayer. Donnie held traditional Little Boy Water Drum sweatlodges as well as Half Moon Ceremonies in the teepee. We are excited that he’ll be joining us again next dry season, this time staying for much longer. He’ll be offering workshops on basic survival skills and Native American spirituality.

As we love to push our own edges around here, we decided to host a Freedom and Fertility Equinox Festival in March. We christened the newest edition to the temple space: a 7-meter stripper pole, and enjoyed luscious genitalia shaped chocolates, ecstatic and erotic dancing, sensual poetry and cob fertility art. We also pushed our population to the edge, InanItah spread it’s wings to hold 52 people over the weekend of madness.

And, our wings spread wide enough to give our neighbors a hand by providing scholarships and school supplies for local students, medical prescription and transportation costs, a micro-loan for a free range egg business start-up, and continuing work on the local water system.

Alongside holding workshops, ceremonies and festivals, we’ve had some time to take on a few building projects. We’ve just completed work on a hot tub, which was made more beautiful through the creative hands of friends Roxanne and Maurice, and will be heated using a solar heating system put together by Jan. A team of locals are currently building a large ferrocement swimming pool, which will double as an irrigation tank to water trees and fields in the dry season. As usual, Rachel has been making beautiful food grow in the garden and Paul has been busy managing work projects, while Darshana has plugged away at keeping emails answered and things mas o menos organized around here!

We’ll be winding down the season this year with another Silent Retreat, and taking some well deserved down time. Soon it will be to plan and build dry season at InanItah.. We are grateful to everyone who contributed to the happenings these last months at InanItah and looking forward to next workshop season!

We are looking for a community outreach person and an administrative person with non-profit experience to support the Giving Program. We’re also looking for a kitchen person with raw food inspiration to join us. If you’d like to commit for next season for these roles, please contact us.


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