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Friday, June 22nd, 2012

Jungleyoga Teacher Training!

A letter from Gaia…

I’m so happy that the Jungleyoga Teacher Training is finally coming to InanItah. For over three years now, I’ve been visioning that Randall, the founder of Jungleyoga, would come here to lead a yoga teacher training. And now, it’s finally happening, November 18th – December 14th, 2012.

Randall is by far my favorite yoga teacher. He is the real deal. His depth of knowledge around all things yogic, from Vedic astrology, Sanskrit, yogic philosophy and mythology to sacred sewing and all things India is downright inspiring. Like any true Sadhu, Randall is both intense and humorous. At times, he breaks the tradition and kicks down some Reggae Yoga….!!!

Randall’s philosophy about yoga is in complete integrity with InanItah. Randall really gets and imparts that yoga includes and goes beyond postures, breath and mantra and expands into a truly evolutionary lifestyle of growth with with one’s environment. No doubt Randall will create a space for us all to grow as individuals and give us some powerful tools for teaching yoga.

It feels really fitting for Jungleyoga to create a second home for itself in InanItah’s little piece of the forest.

Ushma, Randall’s assistant, is yet a divine synchronicity. She is originally form Mexico and therefore speaks fluent Spanish, and shares my deep love and respect for OSHO. I’m hoping she can help us InanItah folks to improve our yoga Spanish so that we can start offering yoga in Spanish every now and then.

One attractive part about this course is that is that you can, if you like, stick around as a visitor or a volunteer and we’ll provide you with the space to begin practicing your teaching skills.

Another appealing aspect of this particular yoga teacher training is the price. Many yoga teacher trainings these days cost between $3,500 and $5,000 once you include meals and accommodation.  At InanItah, we live simply and do our best to be in harmony with our environment, which also means that we can offer affordable prices. If you register and leave a deposit by August 31st, the price including accommodation and three healthy meals a day is $2,425, and if you wait until the last minute the total is still only $2,650.

If you’ve ever considered doing a yoga teacher training, we invite you to join the InanItah community for an intense, juicy, fun month of learning and growing!

Much love,


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