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Wednesday, August 1st, 2012

Looking Forward to Next Dry Season

We are sitting down together during these rainy months and looking into how to consciously evolve life in the InanItah community. We are making changes to the volunteer program, continuing to build up the infrastructure to make it more comfortable, and hosting some exciting new workshops and activities!

We’ve already had a lot of volunteer requests for next year. If you would like to come as a volunteer, please let us know early. We filled up last year quite far ahead of time, and we are anticipating that this year will be similar. If you have come here as a volunteer in the past, we are often more inclined to make space for you. So, even if you only have a vague idea of when you’ll be back and for how long, it helps us, so please let us know soon! This year we will be asking people to make deposits to secure spots in the volunteer program.

We have expanded our volunteer program to include a couple of garden internship positions for inspired people interested in learning about organic farming, gardening, and permaculture in a tropical setting! And, we’ve restructured the partial trade volunteer program so that it is more economical if you make a longer upfront commitment. Check out the new volunteer program pages for information about the recent changes.

We are looking for committed co-creators to make a six-month commitment for next season- information on special co-creators we are searching for can be found here. We are inviting responsible and motivated people to ground themselves here and contribute to the InanItah community from their hearts.

We are making it more comfortable (and fun!) to stay by building new cabins, reworking the communal kitchen, finishing the composting toilets (finally), and adding additional classes and activities. After the Jungleyoga teacher training in November-December, we will be opening up teaching space for our newly trained teachers and offering yoga twice daily. And, we’ll be continuing with morning active meditations including OSHO meditations, Life Dance, 5 Ryhthms and more. When Donnie arrives in December/January, we’ll also be hosting Native American ceremonies and sweatlodges. With the recent additions of the hot tub and swimming pool, things are starting to get downright eco posh around here!

We are anticipating many returning members of the InanItah family this year. We are looking forward to seeing lots of familiar faces and welcoming many new ones!


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