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Friday, November 7th, 2014

A New Library


The rainy season is over (we hope) and the sun is shining bright.

There’s been many new developments at Inanitah over the season. We have a newly remodeled dorm with bamboo beds and lovely mosquito nets while still maintaining the beautiful views of the hillside and the gentle breeze at night. The Urracca centre is in the middle of a complete overhaul (more on that to come).

IMG_0643Construction on the Urracca Centre has opened up an opportunity to create a proper library above the kitchen. The new library will have novels to lend and trade as well as reference books that can be signed out for workshops and other musings.

It doesn’t look like much yet, but it’s on it’s way to being a beautiful lounge and reading space. We are expanding our library to in all sections across the board: Tantra, Permaculture and Natural Building, Gardening, Yoga and Meditation as well as foreign language books (especially Spanish).

IMG_0003IMG_0002We’ll update you on the library in the coming weeks as it takes shape.

The next two workshops are: The Tantric Way Series (start date November 30th) and Shamanic Healing (November 24th) and Facilitation Training (November 17th).


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