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Wednesday, August 26th, 2015

Welcoming Ashni, Heart Space Holder


Community, I am super ecstatic to announce that I am taking on the role of heart space holder for the Deep & Dirty season at Inanitah!!!!  In addition to helping to hold the juicy meditative, ceremonial and celebratory space, I  will have the pleasure of supporting the channels of communication through social media, supporting the Giving Program, as well as simply assisting in all the ways I can the awe inspiring space created in the past six years on the land.

Meeting Gaia a few years back at Pachamam in Costa Rica I was deeply impressed and touched by her fiery, raw, and grounded energy. I remember specifically one moment her speaking up about something she was witnessing in an effort to support some mutual friends of ours.  Something about that experience stayed with me as a testament to her longing and search for integrity, truth and sharing from a profound space of  love and compassion.  In meetings since, I was further inspired by her devotion to co-creating intentional communal spaces and training and supporting others along this path. Perusing the site and its diverse offerings, which facilitate a deeper connection to self, Earth and Spirit, caused my heart to pulse a bit faster.  

I am honored to have been called to hold space at this time to support these precious connections between source and self in practical and creative ways.  Cultivating beauty, harmony, authentic, raw juicy energy in this space and watching as this ripples out through all the pulsing hearts of those who come to visit is what I live for.  It feels like returning to my roots in a sense.  Particularly as the first event of the season will be the OSHO Meditation Leader Training.

I went through this training over 10 years ago with beloved friends Ali and Krisana of OSHO Meditation Studio in Berlin and later at The OSHO commune in India.  OSHO Active Meditation were a catalyst for so many huge shifts, they supported me at the time to take responsibility for a lot f the emotions I was holding onto.  To stop the Blame game so to speak and let the emotions flow.  Doing Dynamic Meditation in 21 day cycles for several years unlocked what seemed like infinite stores of blocked energy and stuck emotions.  I laughed, cried, screamed, sang and began to FEEL alive.  Places that were numb in my body started to tingle again, old injuries healed themselves, my energy and capacity to flow with it increased exponentially.  These are not exaggerations, in fact I wish I could better describe for you my experience.  But as I learned and am still learning it is more satisfying to eat the cake rather than read about it.

I am buzzing with delight and joy as I welcome you all and with a grateful heart to come and get Deep & Dirty with us this season. Come stay with us this season.

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