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Tuesday, October 6th, 2015

A Walk on the Wild Side


Over the past few years living in South East Asia, Michael has loved and learned from an international community of beings; herbal healers, transformational breathers, jungle ravers, day dreamers, hopeless hippies, tribal trippers, shameless shamans, tantric drama queens, cacao drinkers and hula hoopers… Being exposed to so much magic and delightful weirdness has opened him up to dive deep into the wilder and wider dimensions of life.

He has been a strong force in organizing workshops and trainings for his teachers Peter Clifford and Don Hanson, and he is heading up the organization of the workshops such as The Tantric Way & Shamanic Healing Training.

As a Space Holder for our deep and dirty crew, Michael will be welcoming and orientating new community members, facilitating meditations, teaching yoga and providing conscious structuring of spaces and relating. And leading morning meditations.

He took another step in this direction by participating in the OSHO Meditation Leader Training. The tools gained in this training and living here at Inanitah are a solid foundation for his ongoing journey of connecting to the earth and to others, by moving from the busy mind into the freedom of the wild heart.

Michael comes to us excited to develop his gifts and talents including 5 Elements Yoga, DJing and organization, he is grateful for this opportunity to ground his skills into the land at Ometepe and drop into the healing power of living within a conscious community.



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