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Friday, October 11th, 2019

How Does Chi Nei Tsang Work?

InanItah Fire Season Massage

Chi Nei Tsang is a deep and profound system of healing, both physical and energetic in its technique. It is meant to be strong and deep so that it actually does something.

Chi, which means energy, moves through through the body, our nervous system, blood and lympatic system. These systems cross paths in the abdomen, where also our feeling begin. Tension, worry, anxiety, stress accumulates here over years and are not usually dissipated. These disturbances cause congestion in the system, and eventually show up in the person as indigestion (not being able to digest what is happening), constipation (not being able to let go of things that one may or many not be attached to), bloating, toxicity, acne, and being overweight.

Taoist monks realized, that negative emotions cause damage to one’s health over time. This is why they meditated. They went a bit further though, and created this system hundreds of years ago by touching the belly when it was empty, to find out how certain points referred or “travelled” to other parts of the body, clearing certain channels that are interconnected. In deep study, they were able to identify a specific relationship between the emotion and the organ. For example, everyone has had a knot in their stomach before, and this is an indication of stress and worry that accumulates in the spleen and in the stomach.

Each human emotion, when we get to a place to even feel emotions is an expression of energy that indicates the negativity behind both physical and spiritual maladies. If we are extremely repressed, blocked and cut off to how we feel and therefore also to Love, we are not living a fully experienced life! For example, we may only think about work as it is something safe to hide behind, rather than being open to speak to a loved one about intimacy, or what we feel we really need in a certain place or situation in order to be happy.

Upcoming Trianings in Chi Nei Tsang!
November 4 -7, 2019 


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