Community and Collective Consciousness:
Cycle 3 of the Tantric Way Series

Community and Collective Consciousness is the third cycle of The Tantric Way Series, a spontaneous process of transformation designed to deepen intimacy with yourself, your sexual partners, and community. You are invited to join us for this three part series including Cycle 1, Self and Source and Cycle 2, Lover and Beloved.

In Community and Collective Consciousness you will create an intimate relationship with a collective, based on truth and transparency that supports each individual to actualize their deepest gifts for the benefit of the whole. You will explore how your joys can be shared and your challenges can be met in context of group support.

During this cycle of the Tantric Way you will:

  • Make friends with your personality, and recognize how it’s a gift to the community
  • Heal your relationship with peer groups, such as wounds from childhood, school, and work
  • Discover and claim your deepest gifts
  • Express your truth to your peers
  • See yourself through the eyes of others by participating in feedback circles
  • Become more willing to expose yourself to a group, moving beyond fears of judgment and rejection
  • Call on the support of collective wisdom through archetypes and deities
  • Co-create your own reality