Getting Here


Before you travel, please be aware, there are only few cash machines on Ometepe.  Several are located in Moyogalpa and work with both Visa and Master cards.  There is also one cash machine in San Fernando, that works with visa friendly cards about an hours walk, and another for  in Santa Domingo, about an hour and a half walk which works with mastercard friendly cards.

Weekends here are relaxed and open, with fewer people around onsite. If you prefer getting settled into a tranquil environment with a lot of freedom and more limited orientation support, consider arriving during a weekend. If you are someone who would enjoy receiving an in-depth orientation upon your arrival, consider arriving during the week.

Step 1: Getting to Rivas/ San Jorge where you catch the ferry

From Managua, Nicaragua:

By Bus:

There are buses from the Huembes terminal (going southbound) that go to the town of Rivas. You can get a bus from there (they come every hour), or you can take a taxi to the town of San Jorge (not very expensive, should be about $1.50 if you are alone, less for a full taxi) where the ferries run to the island. You can also get a bus straight from Managua to San Jorge at 9AM, and it should arrive to San Jorge at around 11AM. Keep in mind that buses run less frequently on Sundays and holidays.

You can also check out for information on bus schedules throughout Central America.

By Taxi:

You can also take a taxi directly from the airport to San Jorge. The cost should be about $50 to $60. If you plan to take a taxi, let us know in advance, and we can arrange for one to pick you up.

From San José, Costa Rica:

The San José International Airport (SJO) is located about 20 minutes by car from downtown San José, which is where you will need to go in order to catch the bus to Nicaragua. If you arrive late the day, it may be best to stay the night in San José and leave on the first bus in the morning. We recommend Casa Ridgway, a clean, quiet hostel run by Quakers, which is located downtown not too far from the Tica Bus Terminal.

By Local Buses:

Transportes Deldú buses will take youPeñas Blancas (the border with Nicaragua) is about 5 hours.  Their bus schedule is located online here (

You can also check out for information on bus schedules throughout Central America.

At the border, you will need to get your passport stamped on the Costa Rican side and then walk about 1km to the Nicaraguan side and get it stamped again. Allow yourself at least 90 minutes for border formalities in high season. After crossing, you can take a local bus to Rivas for about $1 (1 hour), and then a taxi to San Jorge for $1.50 (15 minutes).

Keep in mind that buses run less frequently on Sundays and holidays.

By Taxi to Long Distance Bus:

A taxi into San José from the airport will cost you $25. You will want to go to the Tica Bus station and buy a ticket to Rivas, Nicaragua, which will cost about $22. Tica buses often sell out, so it’s best to buy your ticket ahead of time.  The full trip to Rivas, including border formalities, will take 7-9 hours, depending on how busy the border is. From Rivas, you can take a taxi to San Jorge, which is 15 minutes away, for $1.50.

Ometepe Map

Step 2: Catching the ferry from Rivas / San Jorge 
to Moyogalpa

At the ferry dock in San Jorge, you will find that there are a variety of boats that can take you to and from the island. Some are small wooden boats (lancha), and then there are also the larger ferryboats. They run almost every hour starting at 7:00AM until noon, then there is a ferry at 2:30, lancha at 3:00, lancha at 4:00, and the final ferry at 5:40. Minor changes to the schedule happen frequently, so check online if you can.  Otherwise be sure that until around 5:30 there is always one coming
. There are sometimes changes to the ferry schedule.

You’ll find the ferry schedule here, – it’s usually up to date but we cannot guarantee it.

Step 3: Getting to InanItah from Moyogalpa or San Jose del Sur

There are two ports to land at on Isla de Ometepe. One is Moyogalpa, with a village and cash machine. The other is San Jose del Sur, which is near Moyogalpa, and is where you will dock if you take the large ferry. Once you get to the island, there is the option of either taking buses or a taxi.

By Bus & Walk or Ride & Walk

Take the bus either to Merida or Balgue.  The Merida bus is better because it gets you closer.

You’ll find a bus schedule here – it’s usually up to date but we cannot guarantee it. Sunday schedules are limited and not clearly posted on this page.

If you take the bus or a a ride towards Merida, get off at the road marked with the large white stone that looks like a chair (the first wide road on the left after Bello Horizonte, 2.3 km from Santa Cruz). The bus driver may know it as the Entrada de Valencia or la piedra blanca. Head up the hill, passing by three houses. The road will make a sharp turn to the right. Continue along the road will bend to the left and take you up a steep stone road that ends at the InanItah Urracca Center. The walk takes about 25 minutes.

If you take the Balgüe bus, get off at Santa Cruz. At Santa Cruz shop ask around for a local to bring you up to InanItah. Offer to pay them 100 cordobas and they ought to be more than happy to show you the way.

By Taxi:

A taxi costs $30 if you are travelling with more than 2 people in the car taxi drivers will charge extra . Many of the taxi drivers on the island don’t know where we are located, and don’t have a car that can handle our road so to avoid complications it is best to contact us and we can arrange a taxi for you from the ferry. You can also call Norvin directly at 8831-6309 and he will bring you here for $30. If you decide to arrange your own taxi from Moyogalpa, have the taxi driver call us for directions and be sure the driver has a 4WD vehicle.