Empowerment Self Defence FREE Community Workshop

self defense nicaraguaEmpowerment Self-Defense (ESD) was created by women Martial Artists who recognized that the “self-defense” they were being taught was catered to how men fight men. Therefore, they developed “Empowerment Self Defense” as a means to incorporate the social and cultural contexts specific to violence perpetrated against marginalized populations. More about the movement/organization that trained me at https://www.esdglobalselfdefense.org/

Integrating ESD with mindfulness practices and somatic awareness helps participants tap into their power and confidence in a deeper way. The results are inspiring.

Each workshop comprises a mix of physical martial arts techniques, verbal skills (boundary setting, de-escalation, and assertive communication), movement games, role-play, and discussion on key social issues.

A note about sex and gender.  This group is open to people of all genders. Usually, I offer workshops for women. I’ve found it equally empowering to work with mixed gender groups.

We’ll be meeting 2.5 hours each day for a total of 10 hours. 

Course Facilitator: Toby Israel, NuMundo 

ometepe inanitah fire season empowermentToby is a vagabondess and storyteller with a metaphorical closet full of hats. She currently works as a creative facilitator, editor, and writer, and as Chief Storyteller at NuMundo, the digital platform for transformational travel. Toby is a trained Empowerment Self-Defense Instructor and Yoga Teacher, and regularly facilitates workshops and retreats to empower, inspire, and transform. She is a full-time lover of movement, food, and words, expressing light and dark through many forms of dance, poetry, songwriting, and more. For the moment, Toby lives in Costa Rica. (She came for a masters degree in Media, Peace and Conflict Studies from the UN-mandated University for Peace—and stayed for the papaya, sunshine, and conscious community.)

Registration for the Workshop:

FREE for visitors and volunteers
$30 if you're not staying at InanItah - Proceeds go to the Ometepe Development Fund
For full details about tuition and registration, CONTACT US HERE
Refer to the STAYING section of the website for information about joining us at InanItah during workshop