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We are not big fans of formalities around here. On the other hand, we’ve periodically run into challenges around communication. We hope that by sharing this information in writing it will create clarity and help things run smoothly.

Arrival and Length of Stay

• For directions to InanItah, please refer to our Getting Here page.
• Volunteer orientations happen on weekdays only. If you would like to receive an in-depth orientation upon arrival, please arrive between Monday and Thursday.
• Weekends are relaxed and unscheduled. If you don’t mind limited orientation and support on arrival and would like some time to relax and adjust before starting to volunteer, you may prefer to arrive on the weekend and stay as a visitor for the first few days.
• Volunteering commitments are made for one month periods at a time. If you wish to stay longer and are unable to commit for another full month, you are welcome to stay for the extra period as a visitor


• Keep in mind that InanItah is a place for people who are comfortable with a rustic and simple lifestyle, living very close to nature. Please read the accommodation page for more information.
• If you choose to camp, please bring your own camping gear, including sleeping pad, otherwise you can rent a tent from us for $2 per night or $45/mo. A mattress alone can be rented for $0.50 per night if one is available.
• Small cabins and dormitory beds are available for an additional contribution.
• A list of other items that are useful to bring is available at the bottom of our FAQ page.


• All payments are non-refundable
• We ask all volunteers for a Paypal deposit of $75 to reserve your spot in the program.
• Please arrive with the remaining contribution for your full stay in US dollars cash.
• We charge 15% for all PayPal transactions. This charge covers our expenses for retrieving the money from PayPal internationally.

Workshop Scholarships

• Volunteers are eligible for a maximum of 1 week of workshop time for each month of volunteering. If you want to take more than 1 week of workshop per month during your volunteer stay, you need to stay as a visitor or extend your volunteer stay to balance the time spent in workshop with your volunteer contribution
• There are 4 volunteer scholarships for each workshop and these places are available on a first come, first served basis.
• Payment of a workshop deposit will secure your scholarship on the workshop.
• If you participate in discounted series of workshops such as the Tantric Way, you are eligible for either the discounted workshop series rate or the scholarship discount. Both discounts cannot be applied to the same workshop.
• In addition to the workshop tuition cost, you will continue to pay the volunteer rate while participating in the workshop.


• As a volunteer, you agree to certain responsibilities. Occasionally, we may take time out to review how we work, live and play together. Please be aware there is a possibility for a change in the relationship between volunteers and InanItah.
• In addition to the volunteering commitment, all volunteers participate in communal contributions 3 times per week to sustain the everyday needs of the community, such as watering the garden and helping to prepare and clean-up after communal meals.

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