Giving at InanItah

“The Nicaraguan campesinos [rural farmers] possess a unique prosperity, one that many from the overdeveloped world have grown almost too blind to see. It is a profoundly human wealth, rich as a black rural night that drips with stars and cuddles the wind with trees.” –Richard Leonardi, documentary photographer

We have a lot to learn from the Ometepe people when we open ourselves to receive the local wisdom of hard work and joyful simple living. We honor the love and generosity of our campesino neighbors who are vital in making InanItah possible.

We continuously seek ways of creating together with the island community. As we evolve, our capacity to support local projects is growing rapidly. An increase in donations has made it possible to serve the surrounding community by pursuing projects such as the Massage Program and the La Ciguena water project.

As Paul and Gaia told people about the vision of InanItah and about their campesino neighbors, people began asking, “What can we do to help?” To answer this question, InanItah created the Giving Program to support InanItah and the local residents of Ometepe.