La Ciguena Water Fund

InanItah is located in rural Nicaragua and most of the surrounding neighbors are subsistence farmers. Nicaragua is the second poorest country in the western hemisphere and many communities on Isla de Ometepe live without access to clean drinking water. InanItah is part of the La Ciguena cooperative, which is a group of campesino families who have been working together for over a decade to maintain a gravity fed water system. This system involves over five kilometers of polyethylene pipe running through dense mountain jungle, bringing water to 23 families including InanItah.

These families are frequently left without running water due to lack of water storage and the tendency for the piping to break in the rough terrain. Failures are especially common in the wet season, often leaving families without access to clean drinking water for days, and weeks at a time.

The members of the cooperative are skilled in making improvements and repairs, yet finding the financial means to purchase the necessary equipment has been very challenging.

The vision for the La Ciguena water project is to attract the financial support to impove the infrastructure of the system. A key factor in this process is to build a 70,000L Ferro cement tank, which will provide drinking water for the entire community during water outages.

If you feel inspired to support this project, you’re invited to use the donate button below. Over 100 Nicaraguans and the InanItah community will be supported by your gift. We are extremely grateful for your contributions!

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