April 21 - 25, 2014

The Tantra of Permaculture: Transforming Inner and Outer Landscapes

“If commercial agriculture (with its bulldozers, mono-crops, fences, pesticides, and herbicides) is rape of the Earth, and if standard organic gardening is consensual sex with the Earth, then permaculture is ecstatic tantric union with the Earth.” –Mary DeDanan

The Introduction to the Tantra of Permaculture is a hands-on practical experience in which we explore the parallel paths of Permaculture and Tantra, looking both outwardly at the natural environment and within ourselves at our own internal processes. As we learn to look at patterns in nature through the lens of Permaculture, we can also look at patterns in our own lives through a Tantric perspective, acknowledging that we can give more fully to the environment if we can come to it from a place of self-love.

This five-day course will take a holistic approach to learning, including discussions, presentations, and hands-on projects, alongside embodied tantric practices, yoga, meditation, dance and ritual.

Participants will gain experience in the following:

  • Permaculture Design Methods
  • Observation & Biomimicry
  • Pattern Design & Sacred Geometry
  • Appropriate Technologies
  • Organic Gardening & Agroforestry
  • Natural Building
  • Wisdom Circles
  • Tantric Practices
  • Self Development
  • Human Relationship Skills
  • Yoga & Embodiment Practices
  • Silent & Dynamic Meditation
  • Ritual, Dance & Celebration

For information about staying here during the workshop, please refer to the Living section of the website.
To register, contact workshops at inanitah.com.