Karsai Nei Tsang Pelvic Massage

Karsai Massage is the next step in learning the system of Chi Nei Tsang. We go deeper into the out elements if the lymph system, groin, hip flexors, and parts where we are holding onto our experiences in sexuality from pre-adolecence to adulthood. It is a technical and deeply healing form of tantric massage with the right touch and pure intention, professionally speaking. 

Join us for this 2 day addition to the 4 day Chi Nei Tsang Abdomenal Massage Training.

Course Facilitator: Satyama Ratna Lasby

Satyama trains people with interest in massage therapy in a method called Chi Nei Tsang abdominal massage, a rare and deep type of massage that can assist in the detoxifying process. The massage works with manipulation and circulation going to the precious organs in the abdomen to create new cells and flush toxins and even negative emotions that have been repressed in the body when these emotions have not been expressed in the moment. She often combines cranial sacral therapy and/or Thai massage with her treatments.

In addition, she has been teaching yoga for the past 17 years in the styles of hatha, vinyasa, Sivananda, yin and neo-tantric yoga. A certified yoga therapist, she uses her extensive experience with the body to continually enables people to perform actions and to have thoughts from the level of the heart (anahatha). When necessary, her teaching comes from the level of the third chakra (manipura/power) as she also associates deeply with the belly. She has taught people from all over the world to be yoga teachers in Koh Phagnan, Thailand and in Portugal.

Satyama is an Osho sanyassin for the past 10 years, a serious and consistent practitioner of active meditation, vipassana, and Thai-Buddhist styles of meditation. She believes that meditation can heal the planet and is currently writing a book about Tantra and Yoga as two required but non-attached practices to achieve realization and liberation. www.opentobliss.com

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