December 9 - 21, 2024

Eros, Art & the Earth

A rewilding Journey into creating Art with the Earth Awakening your Totality & Arousing your Creative Expression.

In a world gone mad, this is your opportunity to rewild and reawaken your native call to create beauty!

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While each of us longs for authentic connection and self-expression, we rarely dedicate the time and space to create from an innocent, liberated, and playful place. This retreat is an opportunity to spark our Eros, free our artistic expression, and deepen our connection to nature. By coming together with this intent, we will experience and contribute to the transformational potential of uniting life force energy, artistry, and the earth. 

On this 10-day journey, we rediscover the spirit of vulnerability, creativity, and raw wildness. We will Move through enlivening practices such as tantric breathwork, dance movement therapy, and individual and group sculpture projects. We will tap in, charge up our life force energy, and use it as fuel for our artistic expression. 

Art will be our mirror: inspiring us to work with the deepest layers of our beings, reflecting to us the images of the self that no longer serves us, and bringing to light the profound insights needed for growth. Answering the questions: How do we want to show up in life, and what do we need to let go of to move forward in a free and empowered way?

At InanItah Fire Season, we will experience the jungle through all our senses: feeling the ground under our feet, hearing the wild howler monkeys; witnessing the alluring volcanoes; tasting the luscious fruits and vegetables; relishing in the taste and smell of island-grown cacao. . We will collect natural materials during our hikes for our eco-art creations. 

Held by the paradise island of Ometepe, nourished by her resources and the artistic ancestors of this land, we will work with natural materials such as cob, stone, wood and plants. This humbling and sacred experience revives lost traditions and offers deep healing to our nervous system. 

In our co-creative community, we will follow the principles of cooperation rather than competition, uniting to create one collaborative art piece that reflects the collective experience. We will join in caring for the earth and the people around us, and share the earth’s resources in love.

This retreat serves as a reminder that our life is an Art project; we are the creators of it and within it. Eros is the fuel for the creation, and the earth is the provider of the abundance we need… When we rekindle Eros, we clear a channel for joyful, authentic expression to ripple out in all aspects of our lives. 

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