MAR 17 - 19, 2020

Jungle Tantra 

“Jungle Tantra” is a three day retreat designed to connect with your true self, with love and sexuality in a natural intimate space in the loving Inanitah waterseason community on ometepe island. Do you feel insecure or ashamed about your body and your sexuality and are you willing to heal? Do you carry any fear, anger, guilt and are you ready to release? Do you know what are your boundaries and do you want to know how to honestly communicate?

This is an opportunity and a call for you, to discover how to completely love and accept yourself and others, to connect and communicate in a honest and consensual way, to deepen the awareness of your body, breath and, of course, to learn how to use your sexual energy in a more conscious way.

Throughout the retreat you will be gaining valuable tools and practices such as meditation, yoga, breathwork, and connection exercises. The benefit of this retreat is getting to be part of an expansive healing space for body, heart, sexuality and relationships. All humans are welcome to this retreat regardless of age, sex, race or gender. Open to singles or couples who wish to have freedom, balance and love in their lives. 

About the Course Facilitators

Paul Mai’s motivation to create and heal comes from deep within his strong and silent center. As a founder of the earth-based spiritual community InanItah on Ometepe Island in Nicaragua, Paul provides a variety of healing arts he’s acquired during his personal journeys through Asia and California to visitors from all over the world.

Paul became a certified practitioner of BioDynamic Breath & Trauma Release. Seeing first-hand the inspirational effects the work has had in his life encouraged him to provide a sacred and safe space for others to explore, release, and heal at InanItah

During his years traveling Paul was introduced to many types of healing arts such as Thai and Ayurvedic massage, and Ashtanga and Hatha yoga. He had the opportunity to study Water Dance, Watsu and Quantum Light Breath with Richard Bock, and in 2006, he completed the Skydancing Tantra Love and Ecstasy Training with Margo Anand.

He has a deep Love for nature and the healing it brings to the body. Today, his work at InanItah involves regularly leading BioDynamic Breath & Trauma Release workshops, yoga classes, natural building and permaculture classes, and group meditation sessions.

Marina was born in Tuscany, Italy. She is a certified Hatha Yoga teacher. She likes to define herself as a free spirit and wild rebel soul. As a good sagittarius she started traveling at a young age, and curiosity brought her to Central America. After her first trip to  Mexico,she realized it was impossible to come back to european-uptight lifestyle, so she found a way to support herself working while traveling with handicrafts and volunteering. She spent two years on a sailboat in San Blas Islands in Panama, strengthening her self confidence and independence, and bringing in balance her innate fire thanks to the gorgeous crystalline water element of the Caribbean Sea. With Ometepe Island was love at first sight. Even during the paradise like experience in San Blas, Ometepe was calling her back again and again. In the last 2 years she has been present at InanItah Water Season as a volunteer,yoga teacher and space holder,listening to her inner call to support people during healing processes,with love,compassion and an open heart. In InanItah she got closer to Tantra, BioDynamic Breathwork and ot

For further details about tuition, please contact us at workshops [at] A $75 deposit will hold your spot. For information about staying here during the workshop, please refer to the Staying section of the website.