March 24 - 26

Lunar Acroyoga and Thai Massage

The Lunar side of AcroYoga is a practice of trust, sensibility, listening and letting go; a healing game where the flyer is completely passive while the base uses their hands and feet to massage muscles and twist, traction and align the spine using gravity as a main tool. 

Therapeutic flights could be a good way to start practicing AcroYoga since none of the movements are fast; for those more experienced it could be a practice to soften and benefit from this healing art. 

While giving a therapeutic flight the base controls the movements being thus able to develop grounding which then translates to more secure acrobatic practices. 

Thai  Yoga Massage is a sacred therapy which goes beyond the limitations of the mind and body. Is based primarily on an invisible map of energy lines and acupressure points which run throughout the body. With the application of rhythmic pressure, yogic stretching of muscles and joint manipulation on energy lines and energetic points blockages can be released and energy can be restored to its natural flow. 

Learning the beautiful art of Thai Massage is not just about memorizing a series of exercises, nor about thinking that we can cure someone of their sickness. It is about learning to give from the heart with compassion and to have deep understanding of the other person’s suffering. 

We are all one. We are reflections of each other’s strengths and weaknesses. We are all connected. Learning how to give and to receive… To touch… To breath… To feel.


About the facilitator

Fati Abril was born in Uruguay in 1992. Since early age she was interested in sports and for many years dedicated her life to practice tennis and dance. In her teenage years she practiced Martial Arts in particular Kick Boxing, Muay Thai and Taekwon Do.

Then she eventually started to practice  Ashtanga Yoga, which taught her the importance of flexibility and combining breath and movement. This motivated her to start looking for new ways of moving and exploring the body, and one day she heard about AcroYoga and this triggered her to see what was all about and after participating in a workshop she became very passionate about it.

After this, she started going often to Argentina to train in Buenos Aires, and this led her to discover  Circus Arts, and training Trapeze and Acrobatics. Then she moved to Brazil where she continued with Trapeze and fell in love with Handstands.

A year later, she went to Mexico where she did her Acroyoga teacher training and Thai massage course. And from then on she kept travelling teaching and learning from a variety of teachers. She is now currently living in Antigua, Guatemala where she teaches Yoga, Flexibility classes, Movement and Handstands, and also gives Thai Massage sessions. 

In 2017 she started organizing AcroNomadas Festival, which includes a variety of workshops of Movement Arts. In 2019 she studied Thai Massage with Arno L’hermitte and got certified in level 3 and 4. 

For further details about tuition, please contact us at workshops [at] A $75 deposit will hold your spot. For information about staying here during the workshop, please refer to the Staying section of the website.