Feb. 25 - 27, 2020

Radical Intimacy

Are you longing for deep intimacy, playful and meaningful encounters, expressing yourself authentically without games and pretense?

Do you wish for more clarity in sensual interactions through honoring your desires and boundaries and feel more vibrant? 

In this 3 day Retreat you will experience powerful practices to:

  • Give and receive nourishing and healing touch.
  • Get great with asking for your desires and taking care of your boundaries
  • Feel more alive, joyful and playful
  • Interact with others more honestly and naturally
  • Empower yourself in sensual tantric rituals

As a group we will raise together in our awareness and create a transforming and safe container to deal with, to allow and to feel your way through everything that arises. Through allowing yourself to fully feel, you connect to your embodied wisdom, your intuition. 


Conscious Touch & Sensuality are simple and direct ways to nourish yourself and create healing experiences in relation to others and to re-connect to your natural aliveness, sensuality and pleasure. 


Dance, movement & embodiment practices will connect you directly to your body, to your flow. Your body is the key to greater aliveness & pleasure in your life.


Deep Honesty is based on the practice of Radical Honesty and helps you to be more present and direct and to get out of self made misery. You use honesty to create deeper intimacy and empower yourself to create the life you want. Simple tools will guide you out of your head into heart touching connection.


Tantric Temple Rituals:

Temple spaces connect you to your love and power. They are sacred & safe playgrounds to create new and nourishing experiences for you to grow out of old patterns. Rituals are powerful and transformative to support you in your expansion.


About Michael Kreuzwieser:

Michael creates transformational spaces of deep intimacy and honesty to support you in stepping into your self love, freedom and vibrant life. He combines simple and powerful practices of embodiment, Tantra, Conscious Touch and honest communication.