November 19 - 30, 2022

,Transformational Facilitator Training: Breathwork Module

This process is a professional training that empowers students to create profoundly transformative spaces that support clients to heal and live their highest potential.

The attitudes and techniques presented in this training  are based in eastern, western, modern, and ancient systems of body, mind & spirit integration. The trainings merge the timeless wisdom of tantra, yoga, and meditation with modern tools, such as somatic awareness, bio-energetics, breath work, trauma healing, depth psychology, and systemic constellation and include tools from Tantric Way Series.

Foundational principles of this work are that presence and compassion are the keys to resolution and evolution and that we can only dive as deep with others as we are willing to go with ourselves.

These trainings are designed for individuals who already work with people in fields such as yoga, bodywork or traditional and alternative counseling therapy and for students who have already completed the Tantric Way Series<.

Breath Work Module

The yogis consider the breath to be the bridge between the body and mind. Learn ways to use the breath resolve trauma held and the body and mind to awaken pathways to personal evolution and creativity. Practice offering breath work sessions and creating healthy containers for emotional release.
Curriculum & Topics of Study:

  • Daily Breath Work Sessions & Exchanges
  • Holding Healthy Energetic & Emotional Boundaries
  • Breath Mechanics
  • Nervous System Responses & the Breath’
  • Learn Techniques for Trauma Resolution
  • Understanding Body Armoring: The 7 Body Segments
  • Tools for Cathartic Release
  • Completing Incomplete Movements
  • Systems of Body Character Analysis
  • Trauma Management
  • Empathetic Mirroring
  • Techniques for Spiritual Evolution & Manifestation

Course Details:
Dates: November 19 – 30  (10 days – 11 nights)
Location: InanItah Fire Season, Isla de Ometepe, Nicaragua
Tuition: $1500 charged separately by The Tantric Way School
Housing & Meals: $25-50/Night (Not Included In Tuition)
*Discounts for Early Registration, Central American Nationals and InanItah

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