Jan 4 - 7, 2019


Weaving is an ancestral art from the pre-historic human age and  is a reminder to slow down our rhythm of Life, in order to do things step by step.

Come with us to learn how to be in the present moment through art, unleash the artist in you and connect with the Pachamama energy .

In this workshop we’ll weave into creation the ceremony grounds for the PachAbuela spirit gathering! We will experiment with different styles of weaving like palm weaving, interlacing and dreamcatcher making and explore collective intutitive weaving to co-create a collective art installation. 

You will learn about fibers, organic local material and how to recognize and transform it into yarn or weavable materials. Understand what is a loom and discover how everything can be a loom and build yours from scratch.  

As a part of the course, you will join together in a Harvesting Ritual in which we harvest the material for our creations. In this ritual you will be invited to connect with the natural elements around you as you select the materials that catch your attention. This is an opportunity to slow down and be present to the abundance of mother Earth while celebrating the joy of the harvest as a metaphor for all the things we harvest our lives. 

“We are one and we are all weaved and interconnected in the same universe.”

Wnat you can expect in the course :

  • Meditation walk 
  • Creative  flow
  • Harvest ritual
  • Fibers Story
  • Fiber recognition and transformation / preservation 
  • Looms
  • Dreamcatcher weaving 
  • Palm weaving 
  • Interlacing weaving 
  • Art Installation

Course Facilitator: Selva Bhariavi

Is an Italian Visionary Weaver,  who works in Fiber Art and Fashion.

Her artwork revives ancient craft techniques, like backstrap weaving,  basketing, palm weaving, botanical dyes and spinning natural fibers. She is decicated to reviving the value of local plants that were traditionally used in local medicine and food, and brings back practises which were lost due to massive monocultivation.

Previously Selva worked in Milan as a textiles consultant for prestigious brands. She now weaves with what she can find around her using exclusively organic and locally grown materials sourced in the locations where she creates her works of art. 

In 2010 she landed in Guatemala and started to revive ancient weavings techniques, creating environmental fine art, stage design and large scale art installations for many international festivals like Envision, Symbiosis, Art with Me, Arise, Tribal gathering, Shambala , Ometeotl and Cosmic Convergence.

In 2014 she joined Cosmic Convergence production core team as the Art & Deco curator in charge of the building. And she also created the Cosmic Convergence Social Outreach program.

In 2012 She founded Conscious Convergence, a sustainable ethical brand producing clothing using indigenous textiles, and empowering local communities.

Registration Details

$200 Tuition price
$108 Housing and meals in the InanItah Fire Season community.
Students in the workshop will receive discounted tickets to the Pachabuela Gathering
A $50 deposit holds your spot in the training
For further details and registration CONTACT US HERE
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