Learning at InanItah

Learning has the power to transform us on many levels, influencing our entire being – mind, body and spirit. At InanItah we foster a safe and supportive learning environment to empower individuals to share their deepest gifts.

At InanItah we use a holistic approach, including our whole body and all of our senses in the learning process. Learning opportunities are not limited to workshops and classes, but also extend into the rhythm of everyday life including: dance, song and creativity, meditation, yoga and quiet time, relaxation and conversation, reading and group discussions, hands-on experience and body-based memory.

InanItah is a place for people to learn about regenerative and conscious living through practical experience. It is a living and learning environment and a place to immerse yourself in communal living. We value interdependent cooperative living and the practice of sharing communal work as teachers on our path of evolution.

Learning is part of a cycle of knowledge meant to be shared with others and recreated into something new. A wise person once said: “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”