Ongoing Activities

Here at InanItah we believe in a practical, hands-on approach to learning. Every day provides an opportunity to learn a new skill, whether it’s making fresh chocolate from cacao, doing a new yoga pose, or learning the name of an exotic tropical plant.

We value both spiritual and environmental consciousness and believe that these go hand in hand. For example, in natural building one can find a physical practice that benefits the environment and the body, and a contemplative practice that calms the spirit. Through meditation one feels a connection with nature and with the inner self. Our vision is to unify our inner and outer realities through our daily activities.

During your stay at InanItah, you are welcome to participate in our regular ongoing activities. We are building our community using natural building techniques, nourishing our bodies with our growing organic garden, and embracing the principles of conscious Eco-Village Design. We are also feeding our mind, body and spirit through yoga, meditation, massage and Tantra sessions. Private sessions our also available.