“What you will see is love coming out of the trees, love coming out of the sky, love coming out of the light. You will perceive love from everything around you. This is the state of bliss.”
– Miguel Ruiz

Shamanism is humankind’s most ancient and universal system of harmonious and mindful living also known as Walking in Beauty. InanItah regularly offers workshops in Shamanic practices.

Though rooted in many different traditions, the common purpose that connects them all is to bring healing to the minds, bodies and spirits of human beings of all races and kinds, and to help to reawaken an awareness of the holistic nature of all things, and as a consequence bring healing to Planet Earth Herself.

Shamanism has no dogma, scriptures or sacred writings to revere or to be (mis!)interpreted, only the book of Nature. And by looking to her with an open heart can be understood all of life’s Mysteries.

Shamanic techniques reawaken our sense of wonder and awe at the Magnificence of our Beautiful Mother Earth, and bring us into alignment with the Earth’s forces, the natural laws of the universe. Shamianism urges us to connect with and heal the self so that we may share that healing with others, empowering us to touch our own life and the lives of others, and even the Earth itself with Beauty.


About 800 years ago Chang Sen Fen founded the original Tai Chi Chuan 13 movement form for self-defence. He also created a second short form that applied Tai Chi for Enlightenment rather than self-defence. This secret, easy to learn form, Wu Ji Gong, is designed to capture the ‘subtle breath’ (“Qi”) flow of Heaven and Earth and fuse it in the human body. Gathering Chi inward to the core of our being, in graceful, beautiful, effortless spirals.

Delving even further back into the Shamanic roots of Chinese culture  we come across the Great Bear and Polaris 7-step Shamanic Qi Gong “Star Dancing” Ceremony. This fabulous form comes to us through the Tao women’s line, and sets up resonance with the Great Bear and Polaris energy portal. It comprises a rhythmical 7-step sequence forming 4 sides of a square, combined with arm movements that open the palm and create a 4 dimensional mandala of Qi currents.


Moving still further into our collective past we find a truly archaic system of energetical movements left to us by the Toltecs, a powerful race of Warriors and  Brujos (sorcerors) who inhabited Mesoamerica 10,000 years ago. They  Dreamed and devised a vast system of energy work which they called Magical Passes, designed to gather and redistribute vital energy and to harness and focus Intent.