“The Tantric way is open to all the richness of human nature, which it accepts without a single restriction. It is probably the only spiritual path that excludes nothing and no one, and, in this way, it corresponds to the deep aspirations of men and women today.” – Daniel Odier

Regular Tantra Classes and meditations are available during Fire Season from August 15 – February 15 each year.

Tantra is a philosophy, a way of life and a path of radical acceptance. It is a conduit for deepening our consciousness and our concept of self, expanding our identification with “I” to include “All”. Tantra is about being present, accepting the duality of experience within the reality of oneness, making love with all that is  – shadow and light.

Like permaculture, Tantra is concerned with fertility and with cultivating cooperative relationships.  In Tantra, Shakti, pure life force energy, unites in sacred orgasmic union with Shiva, absolute awareness, to create the cosmos. It is without a goal and at the same time it embraces a direction of evolution.

Tantric practice supports the unification of apparent opposites by supporting us in developing relationship skills including, conscious communication, healthy boundary development and healing love making skills.

Tantra accepts all aspects of life as potential arenas for spiritual practice.  Human sexuality and relationships are aspects of Tantric practice, and because of this it is commonly misunderstood.

Tantra classes and workshops at InanItah are designed to open the body by facilitating the expression of life force energy through breath, movement and sound and to increase awareness by provoking self-inquiry.  The combination of these practices supports us to move beyond blocks created by social and environmental conditions as we relax into a deep acceptance of what is.

Gaia bio photo horizontalOur Tantra Teacher

Gaia Ma has facilitated Tantra groups internationally since 2004. She is a certified Skydancing Tantra Teacher and received certification in the Osho Therapist Program. She also holds a degree in Gender & Sexuality Studies from New York University.  For her international workshop schedule visit gaiagasm.com. She is also available for private sessions. Please contact us for more information.