January 7th-21st, 2011

The Tantric Way: An Evolutionary Living and Learning Series

Immerse yourself in a three part transformation Tantric experience. Learn to develop an intimate relationship with yourself, to cultivate intimacy in your sexual relationships, and to create intimacy within a group.

True intimacy requires that we step out of engrained psychological survival patterns and step into a free, moment-to-moment way of being. The Tantric Way combines ecstatic embodiment and self-awareness along with ritual to strip off conditioned layers, revealing the essence of who we are. This workshop series is inspired by the work of Skydancing Tantra, Family Constellation, and Osho Therapy.

Part 1: Being and Becoming, January 7th-10th

Being and Becoming focuses on our relationship with ourselves, opening the emotional body to unveil the essence of who we are while bringing awareness and compassion to our closures, identifications and self judgements. We will practice tools open the body to receive the free flow of life force energy, healing blockages in the physical, emotional and energetic bodies.

Part 2: Lover and Beloved, January 12th-16th

Lover and Beloved explores sexual relationship as a spiritual practice.  Through partnered practices and spontaneous ritual, we will recognize and move beyond the ways in which our attachments and sexual conditionings create engrained behavior patterns in our relationships.  We will learn to communicate more consciously in mind, body and spirit, supporting us to use our sexual energy to cultivate ecstatic states and deepen our awareness of the divinity in ourselves and another.

Part 3: Communication and Co-creation, January 18th-21st

Communication and Co-creation is an inquiry into our relationship with community and our potential to work with others to consciously affect change. We will explore how our gifts can be shared and our challenges can be met in context of group support, facing our fears of exposure and bringing to light our relationships to confrontation and authority. We will learn to facilitate group practices such as ecstatic rituals, feedback circles and consensus process.

You are invited to join us for all or part of this three part series as we examine our relationship with ourselves, others, and the community.

There will be no sex in the group room. Singles and couples are welcome….

Portrait of GaiaCourse Facilitator: Gaia

Gaia has facilitated Tantra groups internationally since 2004. She is a certified Skydancing Tantra Teacher and received certification in the Osho Therapist Program. She also holds a degree in Gender & Sexuality Studies from New York University. For her international workshop schedule visit gaiagasm.com.