Space Holder

We are looking for committed and responsible people to join us as Space Holders. As a Space Holder, you have the opportunity to support the design and decision-making process in your area of responsibility. Please be aware that there are a limited number of space holder positions available.

  • Take responsibility for a specific aspect of the InanItah vision. We invite you to read more about the InanItah vision and values that you will be supporting.
  • Make a full time commitment. Support the community during the daily morning workflow hours, and manage your own time and additional responsibilities as an InanItah Space Holder.
  • 6-month commitment required. If you are new to InanItah, you may be asked to fulfill a one-month trial period or you may be asked to complete one month as an InanItah Explorer or Collaborator in preparation for your role as a Space Holder.
  • Volunteers are eligible for 25% scholarships on workshops. Scholarship spots limited.

In order to maintain a cohesive vibration and a feeling of inclusion, everyone is asked to participate two times each week in community contributions which might include picking a salad, co-creating a meal or supporting general clean-up.

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Further Details

We invite you to read further details about the volunteer program, including arrival and length of stay, workshop scholarships, payment, accommodation and accountability.