January 22 - 27, 2019

Meeting in Selflessness – Silence Retreat w/ Amara

Contentment, love, joy are alive in us, in fact they are the fragrance of what we really are. Beyond the screen of the mind that creates a sense of separation is the presence of eternal peace and unity – That is our home.
Those who look with sincerity can meet it.
Ãmara Jivan

This Retreat is an invitation to recognize, rest and recharge in our true essence.

We will explore, in silence, the quality of our being and take a look at the obstacles that blind us at times from melting in our true nature. Satsang meetings and various meditations will be shared along the day supporting us on this unique journey of inner exploration. 

About the Course Facilitator: Amara Jivan

Amara lives and works at Pacha Mama – a spiritual  community in Costa Rica – for the last 19 years. He facilitate workshops in breath work, inner inquiry and modern therapy.

Amara devoted his life to intense inner search, and in 2017 he spontaneously tapped into a field of awareness that changed his perspective of the self.  In this retreat he will be pointing  at the presence of emptiness that we really are, and will guide us to take a look at the concepts, attachments and identities that stands between us and the realization of freedom.

Course Registration

A $70 deposit reserves your spot in the training.
For further details about tuition and registration, please contact us at workshops at inanitah.com.
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