Your Stay at InanItah

Living at InanItah

During your stay as a visitor and workshop participant at InanItah you will become a valued member of our nomadic community.  At InanItah you’ll have a chance to connect with nature, connect with others, enjoy spectacular views of Volcan Concepcion, set off on a local eco-adventure, eat healthy local and organic food, and celebrate life in general. For further information click here.


InanItah is a place for people comfortable the idea of  living a simple and rustic lifestyle in harmony with nature. Currently visitors are invited to share dormitory housing or camp outdoors depending on availability. If you would plan to camp, please bring you own camping gear, otherwise you may be able to rent gear from us for $1/day if available. Contact us if you’d like to reserve a tent. Cabins that may be available for an additional contribution between $5 and $15/day.

For a list of the surprising ecological amenities you’ll find on-site click here.


Two or three communal meals are prepared daily and you can generally count on local whole grains and fresh fruits as well as homegrown organic vegetables. We share local and organic foods and the kitchen is available for you to use. We have free-range eggs and occasionally prepare fresh milk products like fresh cheese. Many substances including sugar, coffee, tobacco and alcohol alter our consciousness and potentially lead to addictive patterns. At InanItah we use various tools to bring awareness to the use of these substances.

Co-Creating Community

Everyone is involved in co-creating the InanItah community. You will be asked to sign up for one communal contribution a week that may involve helping to cook a meal, picking a salad from the garden, dumping the compost or helping to clean-up after a meal. Each Tuesday evening the community joins together for a transparency circle in which you are invited to share from your heart with entire community. These practices help cultivate intimacy and generally support us in maintaining a loving community vibe.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to bring?
The following is a list of items that can make your stay more comfortable. Often, people also want to help by bringing items that are challenging for us to get here. We have an ongoing list of those items on our wish list page.

  • Yoga blanket or shawl to cover yourself in Savasana
  • Yoga mat
  • Long pants, long-sleeved shirts and long socks or leg warmers (all to protect from little insect bites)
  • Sandals or gardening shoes that you can wear with socks and are easy to slip on and off
  • Shoes with a tread, rain is still possible during November and the rains can bring a bit of mud
  • Light rain jacket or fleece
  • Summer clothing
  • Sleeping bag or warm blanket during the wet and cool season (May – Dec)
  • Light sweater or hooded top during the wet and cool season (May – Dec)
  • Towel
  • Headlamp and rechargeable batteries (we have a recharger)
  • All-natural bug spray (the best is All Terrain Natural Herbal Armor)
  • All-natural sunscreen if you believe in it (in summer)
  • Biodegradable shampoo, soap, etc. (if possible)
  • Personal medical supplies
  • Tampons or a Diva cup if you need them (tampons are extremely difficult to find on the island)
  • If you are a smoker, please be aware that we only smoke natural tobacco. Please bring natural tobacco with you, or you may purchase it from our neighbors, El Zopilote.

Stuff that is not necessary, but can be nice to have:

  • Musical instruments
  • Art supplies
  • Fire toys
  • Essential oils

What’s the weather like?
May through October is invierno (winter), the rainy season, when temperatures are cooler and rain is frequent, the rainiest months being September and October. November through April is verano (summer), characterized by hot, dry days and blue skies, with temperatures in the high 20s (80°F), and reaching into the mid 30s (95°F) in March and April. High tourist season in Central America is December through March.

How do I get to InanItah?
Directions and maps can be found here.

Do I need a visa to visit Nicaragua?
Citizens of the European Union, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Israel can stay for up to 90 days without applying for a visa. For all other countries, it is best to check with your embassy or consulate. Keep in mind that you will need a passport that is valid for 6 months from your date of entry.

Should I exchange U.S. Dollars to Cordobas (Nicaraguan currency) before I go?
It is not necessary to exchange money prior to arrival, but you may get a better exchange rate in your home country. Most businesses in Nicaragua accept U.S. dollars, but usually only if you have small bills.

Can I pay with Paypal?
We prefer cash. We are located in Nicaragua, where most everything needs to be paid in cash. In order to cover banking expenses and the effort of converting Paypal funds into cash, we charge 15% on all Paypal transactions, with the exception of deposits.

Where is the nearest ATM machine?
The nearest ATM machine that accepts all credit card types is in Moyogalpa, a 2-hour bus ride away. If you have a Visa card, you can use the closer ATM in Altagracia, a 1-hour bus ride from InanItah. You can usually only take out $400 per day from the ATMs on the island.

Is it safe to drink the water at InanItah?
Yes. The water comes from a spring at the top of the volcano and is then purified on site.

What kind of electricity is there?
110 Volts, which is standard North American voltage. At InanItah we live completely off the grid, relying on the sun and human engineering to supply our electrical needs, with a back up generator for construction or emergencies.

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