January 14 - 26, 2018

Sva Shakti: Vitality & Life Force Yoga Retreat

Randal_Jungle_YogaGathering Prana, Vitality and Life Force Through Yoga and Taoist Practices

In this special 2 week Yoga Module, we will explore ways of gathering personal energy through the practice of yoga postures, yogic breathing, energy circulation, meditation and Taoist Tai Chi practices. The aim of the course is to teach students both techniques of energy cultivation and the wisdom and knowledge that support it. This workshop is especially excellent for yoga teachers who want to deepen their understanding of yogic energy practices use them in their classes. It is also great for individuals who want to take their practice to another level.

The course will be taught in sections. The day begins with pranic meditations and then moves on to the transformative Swara breathing techniques. This takes about 1 hour. Then we will open the energy channels of the body through asana and yoga postures for 2 hours. After breakfast, there will be a 1.5 hour lecture and discussion about the many aspects of energy cultivation. After a lengthy mid day break, there will be a 3 hour afternoon session which include more yogic practices as well as teaching students simple Tai Chi and Taoist methods for circulating and gathering prana/chi.

The meditation practices are varied and diverse but will focus on the internal circulation of energy as well as working on the functioning of the mind, concentration and internal quiet.

The Swara Breathing practices are one of the best ways to learn and practice yogic breathing. Instead of suffering in a seated meditation posture, the Swara Breathing is taught in simple movement patterns that allow students to breathe freely and deeply over a length of time without discomfort. Because of this method, the prana can be cultivated and students can benefit greatly from the yogic breath practices. Swara Breathing is a technique refined by Randall over 25 years of teaching yoga breathing and takes students from the simple breath methods into depth and power.

The yoga practice is a breath-based ‘Slow Flow’ Vinyasa practice with special methods taught to create a deeper effect on the life force, rather than just stretching and strengthening the body. All levels of yoginis are welcome, from beginner to experienced. Simpler options will be available to beginners, and challenging postures are also offered to those who wish to work on them.

Afternoon sessions will include a variety of yoga practices but will mainly focus on the energetic techniques of Tai Chi Chuan, ‘The Way of Water’. Tai Chi has special methods to gather, circulate and express life force, called ‘Chi’. Many simple but profound techniques will be practiced, and students will come away with a set of Tai Chi ‘tools’ that they can use for their own energy work, but without having to spend lots of time learning the complexities of the form. The complete Tai Chi form will not be taught.

The course will take students through these unique energetic practices step by step, day by day. In order to truly gather prana and life force, one must be patient and build up the practice gradually. This course will start with the essential foundation practices of energetic yoga and step by step build up into more complexity and intensity. Nothing worthwhile happens instantly, and students will be taught how to patiently work with prana, powerfully but safely.

The course will run for 2 weeks, 6 days per week and will total approximately 100 hours of practice and learning. Students will receive a 100 Hour Certificate upon completion of the course.

Course Facilitator

Randall prayer handsRandall has been practicing Yoga and Tai Chi for over 30 years. He has been teaching yoga for 25 years and runs his own yoga program, the Jungleyoga Training School. He continues to explore the world of energy through yoga, breath, mantras, rituals, Tai Chi and Shakti puja among other practices.

Randall has appeared at the Bali Spirit Festival, he offers his courses at The Sanctuary in Thailand and at The Yoga Barn in Bali.

Register for the workshop

A non-refundble deposit of $175 holds your spot. Full tuition price $790. Early Register price $690, deadline is December 15, 2017 Contact inanitah [@] gmail.com for questions and registration details.