Transformational Facilitator Training

In this 5-day introductory training, you will practice tools for working with people from a place of clarity, trust, and intuition.

You will develop skills to recognize and meet people just where they are at. A foundational principle of this work is that we can only dive as deep with others as we are willing to go with ourselves.

Our work together will be based in eastern, western, modern, and ancient systems of body, mind & spirit integration. And, will include tools from The Tantric Way Series.

Together we will explore:

• Integrated Eastern & Western Theories of Body, Mind
• Counseling Skill
• Theories of Systemic Constellations & Psychodrama
• Body language & body types
• Emotional & Trauma Release
• Breath-work
• Conscious Sexuality
• Healing power of ecstatic states• Embodied Meditation Techniques, OSHO Meditations & Dance Movement Therapies
• Public Speaking

This training is for individuals who already work with people in the field, such as yoga, bodywork, movement therapy, and counseling therapy. And for students who have already completed the Tantric Way Series.

Course Facilitator: Gaia

Gaia is best described as raw, authentic and fiery. Her life’s passion is to serve the evolution of individual and collective potential. Gaia embodies aliveness and presence, inspiring others to break through their conditioning to live more freely.

Gaia has facilitated self-development groups internationally for nearly two decades. She is a certified Skydancing Tantra Teacher and Osho Therapist and has a degree in Gender & Sexuality Studies from New York University.

Register for the Workshop

Course is limited to 12 participants.
For full details about tuition and registration, CONTACT US HERE
A $150 deposit holds your spot in the training
Refer to the STAYING section of the website for information about joining us at InanItah during workshop