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Monday, February 1st, 2010

Join us for the February Eco-Village Design Gathering!!!!

February 1- 28, InanItah will host a month long Eco-Spirit Village Design Gathering inspired by the Gaia Education Eco-village Design Curriculum. We will cover four main themes of sustainable community development.

  • Worldview (tranformational work for individuals and community: modalities will include as Yoga, Tantra and Shamanism along with music, celebration and ritual)
  • Social (communication skills, interpersonal as well as group, socially responsible activism along with wellness support)
  • Economic (developing cottage industry, and alternative economies,based on trade/barter/and alternative money systems)
  • Ecological (natural building, water and energy systems as well as organic food production)

There will be a minimum of one yoga, active meditation or ecstatic dance event daily as well as daily Silent Sunsets. This is a participatory and experiential event. It is requested that everyone be present with the group for the morning experiential projects. And, everyone will have a role in meal preparation, clean-up and general chores on the land. Afternoons and most evenings will include optional classes, lectures, Q&As, dances and/or media experiences. And, weekends will focus on celebration, mini retreats and social activism projects. There will be time to explore and enjoy the richness of Isla de Ometepe. The fee is $670 for the month or $275 per week for shorter stays. The price includes a camp site and 2 -3 communal meals daily. Transportation and tourist activities will be extra. The weather will be dry and skies will be clear in February. However if you are interested there may be dorm beds or casitas available for an additional fee. There are volunteer opportunities and we are open to trade arrangements. Let us know if you are interested and prepared to facilitate a part of the event. Contact us for more details. Also find us on Facebook Join The Gathering!


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